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 +====== Heavens Very Special Child ======
 +//by Edna Massionilla December 1981
 +The Optomist- newsletter for PROUD Parents Regional Outreach for Understanding Down's Inc.//
 +A meeting was held quite far from earth\\
 +It's time again for another birth,\\
 +Said the angels to the Lord above\\
 +This special child will need much love.\\
 +His progress may seem very slow,\\
 +Accomplishments he may not show.\\
 +And he'll require extra care\\
 +From the folk he meets down there.\\
 +He may not run or laugh or play\\
 +His thougths may seem very quite far away\\
 +In many ways he won't adapt\\
 +And he'll be known as handicapped.\\
 +So let's be careful where he's sent\\
 +We want his life to be content\\
 +Please Lord find the parents who\\
 +Will do this special job for you.\\
 +They may not realise right away\\
 +This leading roll they'​re asked to play\\
 +But with this child sent from above\\
 +Comes stronger faith and richer love.\\
 +And soon they'​ll know the privilege given\\
 +In caring for this child from heaven\\
 +Their precious child so meek, so mild\\
 +Is Heavens special Child\\

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